Friday, March 20, 2009

Midwinter Review: Library Journal

Midwinter has received its second starred review, this time in Library Journal (about 2/3 down the page):

Known for his talents as a writer of comic book series including "House of Mystery" and the Eisner Award-nominated "Jack of Fables," Sturges turns his storytelling mastery to epic fantasy. With an enigmatic hero and a supporting cast of colorful and varied personalities, his latest work breathes new life into a genre too often stunted by stereotypical portrayals of good and bad creatures of the faerie realms. Joining Neil Gaiman in making the crossover from comics to prose fiction, Sturges represents a strong, new voice in fantasy.

I like anything where they mention me in the same breath with Gaiman. Even if it's like "he has lots of nose hair, just like Neil Gaiman" or something.

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