Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Voted Today

I voted today. The polling place was doing a brisk business, but was by no means crowded. I highly recommend the early voting experience.

If you are in America, and you are a registered voter, go vote. Don't wait. You get to decide the fate of your country, plus you get a sticker.

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Steve said...

i voted about a week ago. man what a bummer and what a poor choice.

i went ahead and voted for barak obama, but not because i thought he was the best candidate. i voted for him because i thought that for the next 4 years he would do us (the peeps) the least amount of harm.

i started to vote straight libertarian, but i really didn't want to waste my vote for president. i know that "no vote is a wasted vote" but in texas, any vote that's not republican is probably a wasted vote anyway.

man - i wish that there would be a law that gave every candidate that declared for president (and had maybe a hundred thousand or so signatures on a petition) a million dollars and that's all they could spend. then they'd really have to battle it out over policy - talking points don't go too far on 1 million dollars.

as long as i'm wishing - why not limit the president's term to 1 year and give him a lifetime stipend of 10 million dollars a year for the rest of his life after that. i bet we'd see some come-to-jesus government if POTUS didn't have to worry about reelection or wealth.