Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Moved

Having formally ditched my career as a web developer, I've now decided to formally ditch all of my attempts at web development. Which is to say, I'm sick of digging around in php code and trying to coax mySQL databases to do whatever it is that they're supposed to do. I'm tired of digging around for the root password to my server and tired of worrying that I'm going to accidentally format the hard drive once I've foolishly su'ed myself into a position of authority.

So to hell with it! My career as a web developer is officially over. Now it's somebody else's problem!



clmcshane said...

Awwwww but Matt, how are you going to get that thrill of OMG!!!NO!!! ctrl-c ctrl-c and then digging out the backups?

Really, there is no feeling like it.
Okay, banging your head on concrete is close but that leaves marks.

Might I ask what inspired this decision?

Matthew Sturges said...

What inspired it was when the spammers somehow hijacked my website and managed to stick ads for boner pills right onto the site itself. I can't compete with that. I don't WANT to compete with that.

clmcshane said...

Oooh iframes......I bet. No, that is the sort of joyful experience best left to those who are insane and/or cranky enough to relish the ongoing fights with malware.

LULZ30 said...

They have spambots on Blogger too, you know.